Sailing City on Hawila!

    Throughout the summer of 2016 Hawila Project collaborates with professional artists of Copenhagen Dream House and abroad:


    This year, “Hawila” is the vessel for nomadic performance project “Sailing City”, where acrobats, dancers, musicians and installation artists create events in collaboration with climate scientists, activists and engineers. A series of public events for all ages on the water and in harbor areas, the ship being a platform for exploring artistic dialogues around meaningful topics. The aim: finding new ways to communicate about the state of the planet and our own states of being. We seek a greater understanding of our part as residents in a global community, where actions in one place affect the climate of another.

    “Sailing City” crew has roots in all continents (from New Delhi and Bangalore to Sidney, from Rome, Berlin, Bornholm to Ouagadougou, Quito, Qaqortoq and California) The project explores themes of climate change, lifestyles, and environmental justice through an artistic lens.

    Read more about this exciting project, full description, calendar and artists here!

    Next up in SAILING CITY calendar : (The event loop, duration around 50 min, starts at the announced times)

    BLUE PLANET PORT midsummer.
    June 17th and 24th and 25th at 9 pm + 10 pm
    Additional Skt. Hans celebration is included on the 24th


    Additional information on Sailing City’s Copenhagen Dreamhouse page.

    “Sailing City” is a project supported by the Danish Ministry of Culture.
    photos and video courtesy of Anton Corbal, Karina Tengberg, Alina Constantin

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