Harbour Fair

Havne Fest for Klima

(Harbour Fair for Climate)

Wondering sustainable fair of ideas and goods

For centuries harbors were places where people gathered to trade goods but also where ships were coming back from their overseas adventures bringing not only products but also ideas, tales, smells breeze from far away lands. Harbors were inspiring places of encounters with the new. 

Let’s meet again at the harbors! Let’s become inspired by circus show on water and sustainability, let’s debate, let’s welcome solutions that can help mitigate the climate crisis we are facing.

Nowadays around 80 percent of the volume of international trade in goods is carried by sea*. Therefore harbors are our focal points for debate on alternatives that challenge the current system of production, consumption and transportation- the aspects of our lives that impact the climate the most.

This summer we will sail from port to port with an 83 years old traditional wooden boat- Hawila. The main vision that the ship stands for is to engage and bridge coastal communities with transported local products by sail, emission-free. Hawila Project aims to unite the transport of goods with an onboard educational platform to inform about the issues surrounding globalization and challenge the current food system culture.

In each harbor, the ship will turn into the stage for an onboard circus show on climate change “Into the water”, performed by a group of artists and environmental activists Acting 4 Climate. The show concentrates on the water as a scarce element that is being abused by the way global economy shaped our patterns of behavior and choices. On board the ship you will find circus artists, actors, musicians, dancers, scientists, activists, visual artists, locals and sailors joining forces to bring awareness and inspire action towards a more sustainable way of life. 

Havne Fest for Klima (Harbour Fairs for Climate) will accompany the show with debates, workshops, and presentations involving climate scientists, local producers of organic goods and people sharing information on projects that aim to consume and transport goods in a more sustainable way.

Havne Fest (Harbor Fair) Dates:

* International Chamber of Shipping

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