Article in National Geographic with Acting for Climate

Our long time partner Acting for Climate talked to National Geographic about their performances on Hawila.

“Our focus is on what we can do. How do we want the world to look?”.

Our collaboration with Acting for Climate is founded on our mutual care for the environment, our aim to raise ecological awareness and to trigger a wider debate on sustainable development.

This summer Hawila Project and Acting for Climate will join forces again for the upcoming performance “Ripples” which will take place across the Baltic Sea and reach ports in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Russia and Estonia.

Read the full article to learn how creative collectives worldwide are committed to inspiring people to act for a more sustainable future.

New forward beamshelves on Hawila

Two pieces of solid oak, each of them measuring no less than 12m long.

After the 6 hours of steaming necessary to make the timber pliable, the heat and moisture softened the wood fibres enough so that the beamshelves could be bent and stretched to hold their new shape once cooled down. 

The manoeuvre was challenging due to the size and length of the plank. The movement had to be fast, yet precise and synchronised, as the wood can easily crack when it cools down under such pressure. 

Here is the video showing how we managed without a hitch!

Rebuilding the entire forward half of Hawila

In the beginning of November, Ben and Bleuenn, our shipwright friends with their amazing ship Swallow, came into Holbaek Harbour from Brittany. Beating to wind, they manoeuvred the ship under sail and moored alongside Hawila. They used only their huge sculling oars at the stern of the boat to steer the bow away at the last moment, as the vessel came to a comfortable stop.

Ben and Bleuenn were our master shipwrights last spring, leading the project of replanking much of the mid-section, forwards below the waterline, and our galboard. We were awaiting them to start on the next big step of the refit – the forward upper hull: replacing stanchions, beam shelves, upper frames, ceiling, shear planks and covering boards.

With their arrival, chainsaws and axes emerged, and worn-out, tenacious  timbers were removed at exhilarating speed. In a single week, so much was removed from the bow that our naval architect noted  the stern was sitting  in the water a centimetre lower than before. When major deck beams were removed, we had to install temporary supports to maintain the boat’s shape and integrity.

Deconstruction was followed by re-construction, and it came with similar velocity. The process of reframing a ship like ours, with double sawn oak frames, can be approached in various ways. 

Stay tuned for a technical post coming soon, detailing the process that we have used for each frame, from templating to roughing out, fairing, and fixing in place. 

Shipwrights, boatbuilders, or carpenters with shipbuilding experience wanted for S/V Hawila!

[EN] Hawila is an 86-year-old, wooden built galeas of 35 m length, in renovation in Holbaek, Denmark, since September 2020.

From December to March the ship will be on the local slipway where we will change bottom frames from forward to mid-ship. Afterward we will continue with mid-ship upper frames, stanchions, beam shelves, beams, covering boards, and decking.

If you have professional experience in boatbuilding or carpentry and can stay with us for at least 1 month, we’d be excited to hear from you.

You’d be hosted on site and become part of a strong community of professional craftsmen who’ve been dedicated to this project for more than one year.

Does this sound interesting?

Then send us a mail to or call Johan Bech at +45 22 89 18 02


Hawila er en 86 år gammel, træbygget galeas på 35 m, der nu er under renovering i Holbæk, Danmark.

Fra december til marts vil skibet ligge på den lokale bedding, hvor vi vil udskifte spanter fra for- til midtskibs. Herefter vil vi fortsætte med at forny dækbjælker, dækplanker, skanboards, midtskibs bjælkehylder etc.

Hvis du har professionel erfaring med disse, eller nogle af disse opgaver, og har tid og lyst til at prøve kræfter med vores spændende projekt vil vi meget gerne høre fra dig.

Du ville blive en del af et stærkt fællesskab af internationale professionelle håndværkere. Mulighed for at blive indkvarteret på stedet.

Lyder dette interessant?

Så send os en mail til apply@hawila.orgeller ring til Johan Bech på +45 22 89 18 02

[English below]

Lørdag den 27. november inviterer Nationalmuseet, Kystliv Holbæk og Hawila Project til et åbent arrangement.

Programmet står på rundvisninger på skibene Hawila, Anna Møller, Bonavista, Swallow, og Ruth, korte sejlture i fjorden med sejlskibe fra Kystliv Holbæk (hvis vejret tillader), samt spændende foredrag og et serigrafiværksted.

Vi sørger for god stemning, frokost, snacks og lidt godt til ganen.

Sæt kryds i kalenderen og inviter dine venner.

Vi offentliggør snart det endelige program for dagen. Det bliver spændende og alt er helt gratis!

Vi glæder os til at byde jer velkommen på Holbæk Ny Havn!

On Saturday the 27th of November, the Nationalmuseum, Kystliv Centre and Hawila Project invite you to a free full day’s programme with guided tours around the ships Hawila, Anna Møller, Bonavista, Swallow, og Ruth, short sailing trips around Holbæk fjord (only in good weather), exciting lectures, and a printing workshop.

We guarantee good vibes, warm lunch, cakes & snacks, cold and warm drinks.

A full update on the programme will follow shortly, but mark your calendars and invite your friends – it will be fun and for free!

We are looking forward to welcoming you at Holbæk New Harbour!