Hawila on a Baltic summer 2019 tour with circus collective Acting For Climate

    Ahoy sailors!

    We hope this message finds you in good shape and spirit! After a successful 2018 Hawila summer sailing around the Baltic reaching the Ecovillage Conference, we have been working intensively on developing the project for this year’s big adventure. We are happy to announce that Hawila entered into a  partnership with the circus collective Acting For Climate, opening inspiring collaboration which you can become part ofFrom July to September Hawila will be touring the Baltic with an onboard show called “Into the water“.

    Circus show on board Hawila

    “Into the water” is a contemporary circus show aiming on raising ecological awareness as well as triggering wider debate on sustainable development. During the summer Hawila will therefore become not only an unconventional stage for performing arts but also a meeting point for those who want to embark for a debate on redefining our relationship with environment around us. Therefore Hawila can continue to carry on its main vision which is is to engage and bridge coastal communities as well as serving as an educational platform to trigger debate on the issues surrounding globalisation. This summer we will sail from port to port to inspire people with a performance focused primarily on cycles and water. Among the “Into the Water” crew you will find circus artists, actors, musicians, dancers, scientists, activists, visual artists, locals, sailors- all joining forces to bring awareness and inspire action towards a more sustainable way of life. We want to invite you to become a part of our amazing community this summer!

    Wandering Festivals

    In each harbour the show will be accompanied by the “Wandering Festivals” aiming to bring people together for an invigorating gathering revolving around sustainability. The program of the festivals will consist of workshops, talks, art exhibitions, salvaged dumpster kitchen, and concerts. The aim of this year’s adventure is to share the knowledge and engage the audience in the search for the tools on how to make a very much needed change in our everyday life – as well as how to make it a more global reality.

    Sailing and circus school on board

    As our main focus for this summer is education -apart from the touring show and festivals- we decided to secure several places on board for external participants interested in joining the crew and learning the arts of sailing as well as circus performances. You are invited to become a part of a sailing crew and work in shifts while being supervised by experienced seamen and professional performers. In addition to experiencing a marine life we invite you to attend daily sailing lessons as well as workshops related to variety of circus activitiesNext week we will post dedicated infos on the teaching content and various booking possibilities! 

    Hawila summer 2019 touring dates:

    • 30th June Copenhagen – Premiere
    • 3rd-6th July Aalborg – Departure first leg of the Tall Ship Race
    • 11th-16th July Fredrikstad – Arrival first leg of the Tall Ship Race
    • 18th-23rd July Oslo – European Green Capital 2019
    • 25th-29th July Tønsberg & Melsomvik – Visit of Acting for Climate’s hometown
    • 8th-11th August Rostock – Hanse Sail

    Keep updated next week on our website here to book one of this leg onboard Hawila.

    Call for volunteers- spring 2019

    Lastly, we are calling out for volunteers that can help us on Hawila’s refit this spring from circa mid-April to mid-June. A qualification is not mandatory, experience is what counts. Concretely we are looking for boatbuilders, shipwrights & riggers. For more info visit https://www.hawilaproject.org/volunteering/ and write us at volunteer@hawilaproject.org

    We hope to sail together with you this summer!

    The Hawila crew

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