Our mission

Our mission is to engage and bridge coastal communities using an innovative combination of: CO2-free maritime transport, united with an onboard platform for cultural exchange and education.


By conducting interactive harbor activities and collaboration with schools, Hawila aims at building awareness about globalisation along her route. Through the past years, Hawila has become a hub of ideas on alternatives, challenging the current system of production, consumption and transportation. By joining Hawila’s activities you also learn about traditional sailing and maintenance skills using natural and environmental friendly product.


Hawila being an ancient wooden vessel with a rich history and surrounded by a great community, she has heartened many artists and activists. We believe that collaboration with meaningful art projects facilitates knowledge sharing and awakes curiosity. As art and games can open minds to create visions and actions, Hawila is used as a platform for performances and workshops around sustainability and traditional sailing.

Hawila Project is the non-profit organisation maintaining and using Hawila. The organization is powered by volunteers and was launched in winter 2014 in order to maintain, renovate, and sail the Hawila.

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