Hawila Project Membership

Hawila needs many hands, brains, a lot of time, some money, and a huge load of love!

Members of Hawila Project play a key role in the project by showing their support in all of these ways. In addition, we will get to sail together on various trips and projects!

  • You have the opportunity to join the refit of Hawila and any other project you might be interested in.
  • You can bring new ideas and take initiatives.
  • You have a voice in the project by participating in the Hawila Project assemblies.
  • If you want to sail or volunteer with Hawila, you need to be a member.

You can choose one of the following memberships:

  • Staysail membership: 200 DKK/year (27 €/year)
    You can’t sail without a staysail. You are fundamental for Hawila, we won’t go far without you.
    • Opportunity to sail with us
    • Volunteer opportunities
    • Receive personalized invitations to Hawila’s events
    • Get invited and vote at the General Assembly
    • Support the project
  • Stormsail membership: 500 DKK/year (68 €/year)
    This is a small and strong sail that can withstand harsh conditions. During a storm it will help the boat continue sailing. With this membership you show us extra support. Thank you.
    • Receive all previous benefits
  • Topsail membership: 100 DKK/month (13.5 €/month)
    This sail is set above another sail and is used to accelerate by catching lighter winds. Support us on a monthly basis to help us catch that light breeze and make us go faster.
    • Receive all previous benefits
    • Personalised treenail with your name hammered into the boat (after 12 months membership)

Fill-in the form below to become a member of Hawila Project:

Please write your full name and address in the “Billing name” and “Billing address” fields. You can pay with another person’s credit card if necessary.

Don’t hesitate to contact us at members@hawilaproject.org if you have any questions regarding membership !

Payment details


To manage your existing membership, click here.

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