Hawila’s refit in Holbæk 2020-2023

In September 2020, Hawila started a massive refit in Holbæk, Denmark, to be converted as a commercial sailing cargo vessel. The refit will last until November 2021 when she will set sail again.

The entire forward part of the vessel was dismantled, keeping only the machine room, galley and navigation room. The keelson has been changed with a bigger and stronger piece, the entire steam assembly and stem frames were replaced with new oak, as well as about 1/3 of the ship’s bottom frames. An additional 16 floor timbers were added to the ship structure to increase the strength and insure connection with the future bulkheads. The new hull planks are increased in thickness from 50mm to 65mm and the rabbet connection with the keel has been entirely recarved and restored.

Above water line, the entire deck and scandeck will be replaced together with 4 of the cross ship deck beams, mostly in the aft section of the ship. Mid ship hull planks above water line will also be changed together with a dozen of the top frames. One impact bulkhead will be added forward of the ship, together with 3 structural watertight bulkheads in the mid-ship to aft sections to comply with SOLAS regulations.

To finish, the entire rigging will be inspected and the entire sail canvas will be replaced to new according to a slightly modified sail plan.

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