Copenhagen Dream House: Sailing City


This season the ship Hawila is the vessel for nomadic performance project “Sailing City”, where aerialists, dancers, musicians and installation artists create events in collaboration with climate scientists, activists and engineers. A series of public events for all ages on the water and in harbor areas, the ship being a platform for participation in artistic explorations of meaningful topics.

SAILING CITY calendar : (The event loop, duration around 50 min, starts at the announced times)
15th May   Blue Planet Harbor (Copenhagen) kl. 20+21
20-22nd May   Helsingør/Elsinore Harbor (North Zealand) (Click Festival)
3-4th June   Langelinie/Refshaleøen, Copenhagen Habor  (Distortion Festival)
17, 24, 25th June  Blue Planet Kastrup Harbor (Copenhagen) Find us
3-4th Sep   Nexø (Bornholm)
10th Sep   Love Harbor (Copenhagen)

Check for most regular event updates on facebook. Tickets are available on donation via Billeto.


The sailing ship Hawila, built in Norway in 1935, is owned by the association “Hawila Project”, dedicating the ship to experiments in climate-friendly lifestyle, CO2-neutral transport, and community culture. In the summer of 2016, Hawila is used as a dialogue-space for international performers, dancers and musicians in collaboration with climate scientists and activists.

“Sailing City” offers entertaining performance experiments and environmental debates in the unusual athmosphere of ocean and docks. Let your curiosity guide you onboard a ship loaded with snake people and bearded climate scientists, tasty dancers and fake gurus, overheated balance artists, passionate climate activists, beautiful musicians and more…lassina_crew


“Sailing City” crew has roots in all continents (from New Delhi and Bangalore to Sidney, from Rome, Berlin, Bornholm to Ouagadougou, Quito, Qaqortoq and California) The project explores themes of climate change, lifestyles, and environmental justice through an artistic lens.

The aim: finding new ways to communicate about the state of the planet and our own states of being.
We seek a greater understanding of our part as residents in a global community, where actions in one place affect the climate of another.

As participants in the “Sailing City” project, our wish is to help eliminate powerlessness and instead engage in positive alternatives, in meaningful symbiosis with our environment. Like many around the globe, we do not want to contribute to the numbness and greed of consumer culture. The consequences of lifestyle, unsustainable growth and fossil fuels today affect the living conditions of more and more, creating irreversible damage to the nature we ourselves are a part of.

In Sailing City, we take the time to be inspired by climate change and explore the paradoxes about our own lifestyle. Artists and activists challenge and play in the unusual physical space surrounding the old wooden sailing ship. Scientists share stories as dancers improvise, musicians float in masts, and acrobats walk on water.

Onboard Hawila you may find permafrost researchers, plastic-molecule experts, contact dancers, percussionists, sea women, camera men, installation artists, poets, diesel engineers, agricultural developers, computer designers, physiotherapists, yachtsmen and more.


“Sailing City” is created in open dialogue between the many participants and local visitors, where everyone’s input and presence is in play. Meet us in the Blue Planet’s harbor, in front of Hamlet’s Castle and by the Little Mermaid.

Collaborators in June:
Aerial dance: Karl Gillick, Brooke Sheffer
Dancers and performers: Zinn Da, David Kummer, Dorte Bjerre Jensen, Khatik Rajmohan, Elise Bjerkelund Reine, Juli Gabor, Moa Asklöf Prescot, Kine Marie Hansen, Johannes Starke, Deva Knopf, Laura Cruz Torres, Carmen Medina, and friends.
Live music: Alex Zampini, Juan Pino, Andreas Bennetzen, and friends
Lights/animations : Lucien Bobo and friends
Researchers and activists : Samuel Faucherre, Gabriele Sutera, Thor Markussen, Rasmus Gonsen, Tash V, Milos Cerny, Anton Corbal, Margit Lund, and friends.
Artistic direction: Pipaluk Supernova
Production by Copenhagen Dream House, with support from the Danish Arts Foundation, City of Copenhagen, Click Festival, Hawila Festival and Koda Dramatik

More information on Sailing City’s Copenhagen Dreamhouse page.

“Sailing City” is a project supported by the Danish Ministry of Culture.
photos courtesy of Kurt Pedersen and Lassina Badolo, , video courtesy of Anton Corbal.

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