COVID-19 Hawila sailing updates

    Alternations in Hawila sailing plans for the summer 2020

    Dear sailors and friends!

    We hope this message finds you in good health and well-being!

    Due to the world pandemic of COVID-19 our summer plans needed to be changed.

    We took a decision to postpone summer sailing until August for now. At the moment we plan to begin with the Ship of Opportunity artist residency project on the 5th of August and continue sailing until the 28th. In case Kulturhavn festival will take place in Copenhagen at the end of the month, we will participate sharing our experiences gathered along the slow-paced wind-powered journey.

    We do hope that the sailing can happen although it will depend on the current situation in accord with legal and health authorities’ requirements, taking into consideration safety of the people on board as well as ethical dilemmas which we are facing. Therefore, the route of the August sailing remains undefined. We are ready and glad to adjust it depending on the winds and the circumstances of all sort. 

    Although still unsure, If the situation allows, we will be sailing also in July in the Danish waters gathering on board possible amount of people. 

    If you would like to stay updated and possibly join the sailing, you are still very welcome to contact us through

    Fair winds and following seas in this challenging times!

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