STEAM [science, technology, engineering, art, mathematics] workshops for kids in Isefjord

    Are children interested in building a robot or studying marine electronics?

    We have a chance to find out when spending a week with amazing boys and girls and their guardians in Isefjord. Together with the French-Danish school Hawila Project organised STEAM [science, technology, engineering, art, mathematics]- a week of non-formal education workshops for kids taking place in breathtaking nature onboard Hawila and on a farm inland.

    Our little fellows have a chance to immerse themselves in practical knowledge on how to weld, make print on a T-shirt, program a robot, work with analog photography and sound.

    Amongst the workshops there are also possibilities for adventurers to try sailing with Hawila, tree climbing, steering a little boat or challenge themselves when climbing the main mast.

    Our amazing chefs provide delicious meals prepared from organic ingredients to fuel the body and spirits of the kids crew.

    We are looking forward to the last days of workshops!

    Hawila: one year refit in Holbaek starting in October 2020

    Hawila’s life story has been full of twists and changes. She started as a cargo vessel transporting ice at the beginning of the century, she was used for fishing and smuggling during WWII, in the late 70s and 80s she became a platform for non-formal education for a creative group of teachers. Since the Hawila Project runs the vessel, she has been a place serving a community, inspiring artists and ramblers.

    In 2020, she will begin another transformation. This one will bring her back to her roots, Hawila will gain yet another dimension.

    We are happy to announce that starting from October 2020, Hawila will be staying in Holbaek where she will undergo a major restoration in the local shipyard. This work will allow her to safely transport large quantities of cargo by sail by late 2021.
    As a sailing cargo vessel, Hawila will provide an environmentally friendly, sustainable alternative to long distance maritime transportation. More details about our future routes and ambitions will come in following posts.

    We are very grateful for excellent collaboration with our partners from Holbaek: Kystliv Holbæk ,Det Gamle Beddinger, Holbæk Museum – en del af Museum Vestsjælland, thanks to whom we felt very much welcome and fitted in the local maritime environment. The city of Holbæk has a rich boat building tradition to share as well as charismatic personas leading educational and innovative projects on site. Hawila Project is honoured to be a part of a local Holbaek community!

    There is a great amount of work ahead of us. We estimate that Hawila will stay in the shipyard in Holbaek for 10 to 12 months. We aim to replace most of our bottom planks (galbord, robord…), maintenance work on our keel, keelson and keel bolts. We will install a new pine deck and covering board as well as 3 wooden bulkheads. Lastly, Hawila will get a total rigging refit and perhaps a new set of sails.

    We are looking forward to the support of local and international carpenters and boat builders. We will soon publish an official volunteer call with more details of the planned work, but if you are already curious about the volunteer possibilities, please contact us by sending an email to: .

    COVID-19 Hawila sailing updates

    Alterations in Hawila sailing plans for the summer 2020

    Dear sailors and friends!

    We hope this message finds you in good health and well-being!

    It is with great sadness that we need to inform you that due to the current coronavirus situation and travel restrictions in Denmark we found no way to make the Ship of Opportunity project happen this year.

    We have been researching, trying to find ways, changing routes, but we couldn’t come up with a solution that would not be putting you at risk of being returned from the border.

    We put a lot of work and heart in planning the residency and we really appreciate as well the efforts of potential participants, the applications and amazing ideas that those inspiring people came up with and wanted to contribute and share with others.

    We do hope we can stay in touch and think about resuming the project in 2021 or 2022, depending on the availability of our beautiful Hawila that will spend next year in the shipyard.

    We are preparing alternative summer plans for August at the moment, we will shortly publish them. If you live in Denmark or if you know you can legally cross the border, you are still warmly welcome to contact us and join one of the alternative sailings.

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
    Please use our Hawila email for communication with Hawila about sailing this summer:

    The email can be used to contact Agata, an artist with whom the Ship of Opportunity project was co-designed.

    All our best and may the winds always be in your favour,

    Hawila Crew and Agata Engelman!

    Residencies- summer 2020

    COVID-19 update: Because of the COVID-19 pandemia we needed to make a decision to postpone our summer project. At this moment we decided to begin the sailing on the 5th of August until the 28th. We stil believe it will happen although it might be again altered if the circumstances will require it. The legal and health authorities requirements will also affect the route. At the moment it seems like we might be able to sail in the Danish and Swedish waters. We will take decisions on the route based on the winds and the circumstances on a daily basis.  We see this challenges as an opportunity to connect with the uncertainties, let go of the fixed plans and destinations, observe the wind and the nature to work alongside. Therefore resilience as a theme of our journey becomes even more relevant.  This also gives us and you more time to apply for additional funding. 

    Dear friends! The deadline for applications got extended until the 07th of April 2020

    The Ship of Opportunity invites artists, scientists, and storytellers to embark on Hawila, a 32-meter gaff-rigged ketch built in 1935, departing from the Danish island of Bornholm and arriving 23 days later in the town of Turku in Finland. We will follow the weather and winds to travel between those two points. Destinations will be suggested by the crew on a daily basis based on the group preferences and weather conditions. All residents will be invited to participate in sailing the ship. We will provide basic training in navigation, interaction with the wind and water, and understanding the nature of the ship. The group will also be invited to support the cooking and maintenance works. While on the ship, we function as a community, working closely together, sharing responsibilities, stories, skills. We will make sure there is enough time not only for absorbing experiences but also for independent work. The participants’ individual projects do not need to address any specific themes and there is no requirement to produce finished work during the residency, the programme mainly aims to provide a space for experimentation and exchange.

    The Ship of Opportunity is a collaboration between the members of Hawila Project and artist-researcher Agata Engelman – diverse group with a variety of experiences, and working on our own projects, we want to invite a variety of people to join in for the journey. We are looking for artists, scientists, researchers, storytellers and explorers. Attentive to the environment in which we will be sailing, one of the aims of the project is to inquire into the changing condition of the Baltic’s human and nonhuman communities and multispecies entanglements, and searching for, exchanging, and sharing situated knowledges. This year we will place particular focus on the topic of food. When sailing on a ship, everyday conveniences become limits, such as storage space, electricity, water and gas. Facing scarcity of resources, we become particularly mindful when preparing the food and storing it. Food provides an insight into community, culture and resilience, we are interested in learning about local knowledges and practices. We also plan to transport seeds and local goods between the harbours. Our guests get to experience delicious, high quality, mindfully cooked food prepared in challenging conditions. Facing climate change and resource scarcity, we find it important to shift the focus to something positive and local. By using the power of the wind, on a small-scale sailing ships can provide an alternative to the transport practices that harm the environment. We see this niche practice as being important symbolically, provoking critical thinking and inspiring changes that are needed on a larger scale.

    We will organise events in some of the harbours we visit, sharing food, stories and art, meeting local communities, learning about local food production, wild harvesting or traditional methods of food preservation, like fermentation and drying. Everyone will be welcome to participate in those activities, but there are no fixed expectations. We want to visit several places on our way that we find interesting for the project and the residents, including a permaculture community farm on a Swedish island of Gotland.

    1) your CV/ portfolio / link to portfolio or short bio (max 1 page A4)
    2) your proposal (max 1 page A4), please address the following:
    ● why would you like to join us;
    ● what would like to engage with during the journey;
    ● how would you like to contribute to the voyage;
    ● what inspires you based on the above residency description,
    ● state also your expectations and what would you need to feel comfortable living and creating onboard.

    Please bear in mind that the space on the ship is limited. Hawila is an old wooden vessel, the things that will be stored inside can get wet and messy if not secured properly when the weather gets rough. Hawila is not a luxurious ship. The experience it offers is unforgettable, the crew is experienced, warm-hearted and will do their best to keep you safe, warm, well fed and respected. Nevertheless, please remember that it can get wet, cold and challenging in many ways. The residents will be free in their exploration and creations as long as safety and integrity of the group on board is not compromised. For safety reasons the applicants need to feel confident moving around the boat, on very steep steps and wet deck during rough weather. The residency is designed for people above 18 years old.

    Send your application, including any questions you might have, to
    Please put your name in the names of the files that will be attached.

    Residency fee: 1550 EUR per person.

    The fee covers the entire stay (23 days), accommodation on the ship in single bunk beds with curtains, three wholesome meals cooked by the onboard chef (we use mostly local and organic products, there will be vegan options), introductory sailing course (no previous experience required), harbour fees etc. The fees will also contribute to a large dry dock renovation of Hawila that will take place from winter until summer 2021. We can provide administrative support and letters of invitation to participants seeking external funding to cover their stay. Our work is voluntary, all the profit supports the further development of the Project.

    Deadline for applications: 07.04.2020

    We will inform all of you about the results within several weeks.

    Hawila Sailing for climate justice

    a group of people from several European contries travelled by wind through the Baltic Sea to address climate crisis

    During the past weeks we have been sailing alongside a German sailing boat Lovis with an inspiring group consisting of sailors, scientists, activists and artists as a part of Turning The Tide project.

    An eclectic mix of international individuals met in an unconventional environent to form a saling think tank and approach current environmental issues such as climate change, climate justice, ecological hazards in the Baltic sea and sustainable farming.

    The trip started in Lubeck and continued through the Baltic Sea using the power of wind to visits the Samso Energy Academy, Grobund– the largest community led initiative in Denmark, Aarhus and then Copenhagen. In each destinations the group was engaging local communties in debates, common activities and dialogue on possible paths to more sustainable future.

    In Copenhagen, on the 12th of Setember the public and like-minded individuals were invited to Teaterøen to discuss new initiatives, actions, examples of good practices gathered during the trip.

    Hawila Project and Acting 4 Climate Nordic Tour

    On the 18th of August we officially ended our Hawila Project and Acting 4 Climate joint collaboration in 2019. We have been sailing together on Hawila since June, trying to translate raising climate emergency awareness into the language of contemporary art. The tour powered by sail gave the artists the opportunity to experiment with new ways of low emission travelling. We visited Aalborg, Fredrikstad, Oslo, Melsomvik, the island of Anholt and Helsingor. Durig our stays in harbours the ship were being transformed not only in an unconventional stage but also in a platform for sustainable knowledge and ideas exchange bringing together the artists, the crew, travellers and local communities. Our first and last events took place in Copennagen.

    Those past weeks were an intense time of working and being together. We were experimenting with living as sustainably as we could. Whenever we could we travelled by sail, emission free. We were cooking from organic supplies brought with as little plasting packaging as pssible. 
    We tired to stay conscious about our resources, precious sweet water, electricity (partially produced by Hawila’s movement in the water thanks to our shaft alternator),

    We were struggling while crossing difficult waters together, we were getting wet together, we were drying in the sun together, we were laughing and enjoying moments of sun and relax together. We were getting emotional after the circus performances seeing the audience being touched by it.

    We went though moments of not being able to escape togetherness which challenged us as individuals and a group but also made us stronger.

    The tour made us grow and dream, we are looking forward to more adventures!

    Education through action and adventure

    Last Friday Hawila hosted L’école franco-danoise – Den dansk-franske Skole that organized a tech workshop for daughters and the girls’ primary role model- their mothers, to churn up interest for STEM subjects.

    The event was a continuation of our collaboration with The Danish-French School in the field of adventurous and inspiring education for kids developing different sets of skills like group work, motor skills, overcoming the fear of heights, gaining confidence in the water and many more.

    Thank you for an amazing couple of days!

    Changes in the Hawila summer 2019 tour and price reduction

    Hello everyone!

    Due to budget issues the Hawila and Acting For Climate summer sailing trip had to be shortened slightly. Have a look at the new slightly modified route in the post below!

    The good news is that we got funded the norwegian part of the trip, allowing us to reduce all the sailing price by 33% for everyone! There are still places available so don’t hesitate to book! First come, first served!


    Sail along – summer 2019

    Join Hawila for the Baltic summer 2019 tour – learn about sailing and circus!

    From July to August Hawila will be touring the Baltic with the Circus Collective Acting for Climate and an onboard show called “Into the water”. Become a part of our crew and live the adventure with us!

    You will be a part of a sailing watch and get not only theoretical lessons but also hands-on experience with setting up the sails, operating the helm, navigating using traditional techniques. We will be crossing the open sea along Nordic countries’ coasts when during the summer sun rarely disappears behind the horizon.

    This year due to the presence of unique professional circus artists and environmental activists on board, in addition to experiencing a marine life, you will explore the circus and performance world.

    Sailing plan:*

    • Copenhagen – Aalborg (30 June to 5 of July)
    • Aalborg – Fredrikstad (5 to 15 of July)
    • Frederikstad – Oslo (15 to 22 of July)
    • Oslo – Tønsberg (22 to 28 of July)
    • Tønsberg – Copenhagen (28 of July to 4 of August)
    • Copenhagen – Rostock (4 to 7 of August)
    • Rostock – Copenhagen (11 to 14 of August)

    * The given dates are boarding dates. Hawila will be leaving the harbours the day after. Departure dates may vary depending on the weather conditions and other factors.


    Hawila is an 83-year-old two-masted Norwegian wooden ship of 32 meters long. After its long and adventurous story, the ship was left in disrepair in Copenhagen harbor. The Swedish State Maritime museum gave Hawila the status of cultural-historical value vessel in 2002. In 2014, Hawila was found by a group of friends and the vessel was donated to the newly created non-profit organization Hawila Project. After a large community-led refit Hawila it started to sail again in 2017. Now Hawila Project is stepping out further and connects with other Baltic communities to share goods and cultures, exchange and learn from each other.

    About the sailing this summer


    The fee contribution will cover:

    • Full board on Hawila (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and linen)
    • Compulsory membership to Hawila Project for the year 2019
    • Payment of harbour fees, canals and bridges
    • Fuel to maneuver the vessel and the dinghy
    • Daily sailing practices
    • Personal insurance

    The daily fee contribution will not cover:

    • Alcoholic beverages
    • Sailing waterproof clothes

    To assure you an unforgettable trip and stay true to our values of sustainability and traditional sailing techniques, we will do our best to minimize the use of the engine and experience sailing and the wind at its best. Our will is to engage our passengers as much as possible in the sailing manœuvres and night watches. We believe it is the best way to involve you in the life at sea and its rhythm.

    During the sailing, you will take part in workshops where teoretical knowledge about sailing techniques will be taught by our experienced crew members. You will get plenty of chances to put your knowledge into practice- will be taught how to steer the vessel, and how to handle the sails and lines. The permanent crew will be supporting you and will guide you into the different tasks. After embarking you will gain confidence and understanding of the ship and on how to handle her.

    Everyone will get a chance to be involved in the manoeuvers, but there are also other aspects of sailor’s life you can get into. You can join the work in the galley and share cooking tasks with the cook as the crew needs to have a good diet to keep up the hard work at sea.


    Hawila has two cabins available to the guests this summer (Forward cabin & Starboard cabin) located in the separated cabin area at the front of the ship. Both cabins have opening ports on the roof (windows) and electric lighting. You will be also free to hang out in the Messroom, which is a big common area and the social heart of the ship and welcome to use all the common facilities. Unless you book the cabins as a group you will share the cabin space with other guests.


    We will provide you three homecooked, delicious meals. Our goal is to obtain ingredients from local, organic farms. Hawila stands for high quality, nutricious food made with love, this summer it will be no different. If you have any food allergies or diets, please inform us while making your reservation. We can provide vegetarian/vegan or gluten-free meals.

    Sail along on this summer adventure and book your trip now!

    Click on the link below to see additional details about each sailing legs and apply for a sailing membership: