Los Hawilieros

    We are a group of people coming from different backgrounds and different countries. Despite our linguistic and cultural differences we all share similar values. We believe that strong friendShip makes life better for us and for people who surround us, we believe that healing this planet is possible both through our daily actions and with planning at higher levels. Passion for the sea and collective alternatives brought us together. We do believe in sustainable ways of living. We carry out our activities thinking about which are their final effects and outputs.

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    We work with Hawila on a voluntary base and do not have any employee up to now. In our other lives , some of us write Masters and PhDs, some of us are entrepreneurs, artists or have jobs in Copenhagen. A few of us still are spread in different countries, contributing to Hawila from there and boosting us with their presence on deck when they can. First of all, we’re a group of good friends with a strong connection and who trust each other.

    We’re guided by Sam our messy but lovely psy-captain who until now has led the transition of the boat from the previous owner to our association, pulled her through the rough seas and much more. He’s the motivator and animator of our meetings besides being an excellent technician for any kind of problems from electricity to cyber attacks. He is an excellent diver and can dive in -25°C water, naked.

    The core of the actual crew, without whom the boat would still not be floating, is formed by a few sea dogs, all very knowledgeable about Hawila, her story and her secrets. Ras that with his sarcastic jokes and his infinite love keeps up the crews’ moral during stormy days and the long dark winter days, besides keeping track of our expenses and incomes (there is not so easy life for him).

    Gabri, our guy whose spirit is always with us although his physical has been stuck in some far away mountains. Besides his skills as a shipwright, he is the best italian cook and has great talent to unite people and spread the best atmosphere. He came back to us and managed the first workshops and extensive collective work life on the Hawila this summer. He is “the man”.

    Our storyteller, cheese lover and cheese maker, expert about nomadic living and hard life conditions, Sashko. He is relentlessly taking care of the boat, he is the guardian and boat protector. The artistic side of the association is delegated to the graceful Desp that animate the nights with her guitar, accordion and her velvet voice. Our French architect Laure is always around for some nice conversations when not working on the “design” aspect of the project. Something the sea dogs don’t fully understand.

    Last but not least our enigmatic chemistry scientist, Martin. He is not often honouring us with his presence on board but he is very important to our community. He is looking out somewhere and someone willing to support us.

    Hawila it is also Emil, Boryana, Mariana, Dimitri and Nerea, Rolf, Giorgio, Camille, Sandrine, Mirella, Mo…

    We all met in Copenhagen and all come from different countries, on board we can speak many languages including, English and Celtic, Français et Gaulois, Español y Ibérico, Ελληνικά and Μυκηναϊκά, Deutsch und Pfälzisch, Italiano e Siciliano, Bulgarian and Macedonian.

    We like to call ourselves and to be called the sea whooh whooh.


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