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    Workshops descriptions:

    Yoga (Nerea, Zsophia, Despoina)Come for a morning stretch at Hawila, nothing better than to start the day connecting with your breath, mind and body. All levels are welcome, bring a yoga mat if possible, comfortable clothes and positive energy. Preferably come with an empty stomach, we share a delicious breakfast after the session.

    Program2ndJune (2)Knots and rigging bag (Rasmus, Samuel): The rigging bag is the bag that is used to carry all the tools needed for a rigger. It is durable and weather resistant since it’s tasks often meets the top of a masts. Objective: In the end of the workshop you will learn how to use various knots and rope techniques to implement in the creation of a rigging bag.

    Urban Foraging (Robert ): Learn about urban foraging and what is edible at this time of the year. Have fun picking edible plants and cook a lunch together with the findings.

    Program2ndJune (2)Silk screening – Serigraphy (Amanda, Dimitris and Rasmus): Learn how to print your own designs on your old t-shirts. Reuse your old cloths instead of forgetting them in drawers. Objectives: in the end of the workshop you will know how to coat emulsion on the screens, exposure time and distance from light source, finally how to print on fabric.

    Improvisation Lab Sailing City (Pipaluk and Copenhagen Dreamhouse): In Sailing City, we take the time to be inspired by climate change and explore the paradoxes about our own lifestyle. Artists and activists challenge and play in the unusual physical space surrounding the old wooden sailing ship. Scientists share stories as dancers improvise, musicians float in masts, and acrobats walk on water.

    Food waste/ from facts to acts (Simone and Monica) :In Denmark and in most of developed countries large quantities of edible food – and the related natural resources used for production – are wasted daily. Sometimes food is discarded because it doesn’t fit market standards..sometimes because of the “tyranny of the packaging”..sometimes because of over production..sometimes because of us. Let’s have a look at numbers and facts behind this phenomena and act together on existing solutions. Let’s save food. Let’s share food.

    Up-cycling for juggling (Nerea N.): The workshop has two stages.

    In the first 1,5 hours we give a new use to discarded objects to create our own juggling materials! No previous experience in juggling is needed, just bring your imagination! We can make juggling balls, poi, clubs, devil-sticks and any other juggling material you can come up with. Bring anything you find at home that has been long forgotten, or pass by recycling centers to find any of these: colorful fabrics, punched bike tubes, tubular sticks, long plastic bottles, balloons, long socks/panties, thin ropes, rice/grains/sand, … Anything you like that could work!
    The next half of the workshop will be dedicated to use our brand-new juggling materials! It will be an interactive workshop – Each One Teach One :).

    Humanimals Dance (Sofia K.): In this workshop we explore the dichotomy between our animal nature and our human existence. Participants work through  relationships with their own body and mind, instincts and feelings i.e. “personal space”, with the body and mind of the others and the “general space”, in the form of dance dialogues.

    The overall objective includes: Building a complex constellation of individuals within a group. Connecting, acting, transforming, and moving ourselves, the whole environment and the universe. Being open and aware of the whole body as a tool of creating movement. Exploring different ways and reasons to move. Using our imagination. Becoming more spontaneous in the making of choices as improvisers. Instantly taking risks avoiding accidents, fears and obstacles. Listening, observing, and being aware of the entire space and time. Following our instincts and impulses, our heart beats.


    Sustainable Energy – Talks and hands-on (Lucien, Rasmus, Alexandros) Former master students in different fields related to energy and sustainability gather for a time of talks and discussions. We’ll try to give clues for grasping important issues in relation to how energy is made available for consumer and industrial use today.

    Soil! (Robert Weir) Make an introduction to soil. What is soil. Ask participants to bring their own soil from home to do a simple field analysis of its composition. Talk about the importance of soil.

    Sailing! Theory and practice (Samuel F.): Learn the basics of sailing using one of the 2 small sailing ships we have available. There will be an introduction about sailing theory followed by a short sailing in the bay. We will experiment the sail and learn the basic names and terms needed.

    Tarantamania (Margherita D’Amelio): Tammurriata, Pizzica and Tarantelle from south Italy are dances of harmony and release. They originate from the ancient mediterranean Dionysos cult.The name „Tarantella“ appears firstly at the 17th century in Puglia as synonym for a therapeutical dance and tarantismus means the believe in the bite of the Tarantula (spider).The beauty and fascination of Tarantella results from the dynamic expression and communication between the dancers and their pure vitality! Today young „Neotarantati“ try to maintain the old material and symbolic signs of the folk culture and the return to the old culture results from new existential problems and the needs to get lost in the dance. The protagonists have changed, but not the function of the music. The interest for a music which was in the 50s a sign of shame because of the obsession by the Tarantati, does stand today for an increasing self-confidence and commitment to their own culture.


    Travelling through our imagination (Despoina, Marielle, Tessa)Using some tools from our physical theatre studies like games and improvisations we invite you on a journey in the world of the imagination!

    Use vegetable oil for diesel motor (Milos) Form personal experiences, an introduction on the practices and methods of running a diesel car on used and new vegetable oil.

    Program2ndJune (2)Windmill construction (Lucien, Rasmus, Morten Hedelykke Dietz Fuglsang)Together, we’ll try to hook up to an electric motor on a vertical axis homemade wind turbine. The workshop is a continuation of a two-session workshop that was hosted in Folkets Hus where the vanes (wings) were completed. Here, we will finalise the prototype by connecting the vanes on the motor and to the electrical components. We’ll also set up a power monitoring system and look back at the recorded data after 24 hours of running. It will be an occasion to discover a wind turbine design that can be built out of recycled materials, to share some knowledge on energy, electronics and wind dynamics, as well as to talk about electrical power production and consumption, along with reflections on sustainability.

    Playful Tango (Anna, Koki, Cipriano) On this lovely Thursday a Tango Theater Performance, free dance and a little (Tango-)Dance Workshop are waiting for you! With YOU we mean everybody that is interested from small to tall, young and old. In a playful way we discover the basics of dance and introduce you to Tango Argentino. After that, we invite you to play on the dance floor to try out and have fun. Live music & DJ directly from Buenos Aires!

    Path to rediscover the rhythm of our heart and our nature (Margherita D’Amelio and Alireza Mortazavi) The aim of the workshop is to find a deep connection to rediscover our heart. Through a trance-like state we free emotions, bringing us back to the centre originating from ancient oriental disciplines, dance and sound.

    The utilized technique is inspired by the teachings of a simple form of Qi Gong: Chan Mi Qi Gong. The school of Chan Mi Qi Gong is based on soft continuous and repetitive movements, preparing the spine for a liberating dance full of energy. To this ancientpractice is added the sound of the Santur, a form of therapeutic ritual and archaic dance guiding us to a new dimension of consciousness.

    We listen, to overcome blocking and rediscover a harmonious rhythm. The encounter begins with listening to one’s own body and self, to feel physical and psychological blocks that hinder the flow of energy. Learning to accept them is the first step to liberate the  flux of movements and energy, until we feel our pulsations become one with the percussions. Sounds and dance become a guide that nurtures the body, giving it the resources it needs. The imagination of the four elements: fire, water, air and earth, creates relations to our temperament and our memories

    Sound and rhythm liberate creative force. The rhythm brings us back to our primordial movements, to our roots. While the body is moving the mental perception transforms. Through Alireza Mortazavi’s music everyone becomes protagonist and author of their own unique performance. The artist, inspired by the character of every single participant creates himself his own performance in the middle of the circle.

    We make something out of nothing – Impro theater (Anna)Improvise, be, enjoy! Come and join this explosive workshop of improvised theater! We will start by doing warm up games and end with playing scenes with and for each other. The workshop is for everybody that is interested, age: from 14 years. Looking forward to see you there!

    Repair cafe (Keith)A “Repair café” is a place where people who have things that are broken get together to figure out how they can repair them. It is a place where people who are particularly adept at repairing certain things – clothes, shoes, furniture, electronics , crockery etc – come and generously share their knowledge.
    Who is it for : EVERYONE! What does it cost : IT’S FREE. The only thing you have to pay for are the materials needed to repair of your stuff, and for the coffee or tea you order but forget to drink because you’re so busy repairing your stuff and chatting with other participants


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