For the second year – from the 12th to the 19th of June – the historical sailing vessel Hawila opens its doors to a summer festival! From members to all local and international communities interested in marine and sailing culture, emerging art, environmental awareness and community living. The self organised festival is created and funded through volunteer participation. Workshops and learning experiments by day, entertainement by night, great music and live performances… All activities are freely open to all participants. Join us in an unforgettable moment!

    As an organizer you receive a handmade Hawila T-Shirt, bracelet and postcard, free access to food/drinks the day(s) of their workshop as well as membership meal prices (equivalent of 30 DKK a day) for the remainder of the festival. Transport of equipment and workshop material can be provided by the festival. Accommodation onboard can be offered on a case by case basis. More info will come. Please send your application by the 5th of May! -Workshop schedule is already full, if you have other inquiries get in touch with us.

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    We prioritize those living in Copenhagen area and Denmark, due to the fully volunteer, local, sustainable(..) nature of this festival. However we'd love to include a few additional organizers from out of town, within space and budget limitations of our ship.
    Sleeping space on board or hosted by a local member of our community, and/or a maximum of 500 DKK travel support may be provided, on a case by case basis. Please let us know your situation and special requirements:


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