Spring 2019 volunteer call

    We warmly greet you all, gentle-ladies and men!

    Another great year of adventures lays before us. The wooden lady is well-afloat, hosting many travellers in Kastrup harbour day in – day out. She patiently awaits to splash through the the waves once again, to feel the breeze fill her sails and drive her through the water. Imagine hearing the sheets and blocks rattle, the fresh wind whistling in the rig, and that endless bow-wave singing her ever-changing song. And as the breeze grows stronger, the sound of the jibs channeling the wind gets louder, she gently leans over, the water moves by quicker… Now you start to really feel it, the power she is developing to move this immense mass of wood through the water –  it’s astonishing! Your whole environment is rushing through the ocean, displacing 130 tons of water, just powered by that magnificent breeze!

    She is a technical wonder-apparatus! Thoughtfully designed by our ancestors. And since she is a child of the last century, she was built using scarcely processed materials. Wood, steel, oil, tar, hemp, pitch and canvas, she wasn’t made of much more on her birthday. We are trying to keep up this tradition where it is reasonable in terms of safety and workload.

    We are calling out for volunteers that can help us this spring. A qualification is not mandatory, experience is what counts. Concretely we are looking for:

    • Boatbuilders, Shipwrights
    • Riggers

    From 23rd of April to 3rd of May 2019

    Hawila will be out of the water in Gilleleje Shipyard, at this stage there will be mainly caulking work on the hull. We could use some experienced caulkers.

    From 4th of May to 4th of June 2019

    We’ll be working on the rigging and deck of the ship. There is some deck sections to be replaced and much rigging work to be done. Here we could use some experienced riggers and boatbuilders.

    Working conditions

    We will live together on the ship as we work. The ship’s crew will be present and together we’ll share daily tasks. You will be given a bunk, food and good company.

    We’ll be working around 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. The Shipyard is located in Gilleleje, at the northern tip of Sjælland. It is a cozy and calm little fishing harbour with a big shipyard. For the rigging period we’ll move down the cost to Helsingør.

    If you are interested please send an application mentioning your skills and motivation to volunteer@hawilaproject.org

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