The team

    Hawila Project, the non-profit organisation owning the Hawila, is essentially powered by volunteer time and enthusiasm. Pacific, Atlantic, or Mediterranean, the sea has always moved us. Our different backgrounds are bound by our love for Hawila and what we can imagine, be, and make together, to move further. We’re a dozen regular active members supported by a larger international community around a core organizing team. Here are some of us:

    Samuel Faucherre (FR):

    sArctic researcher and climate scientist who manages to embody a sailor, mechanic and founder in his spare time, Sam wears many hats. He’s the group’s initial link to Hawila and when its previous owner let the ship go in high disrepair in 2014, formed the organisation shortly after to save her. Sam is currently finishing his PHD in CO2/CH4 emissions from permafrost soils in the arctic. He sees in sailing cargo a unique opportunity to raise awareness to our impact and influence, as well as the collective potential in contributing to our natural and social environments in unique ways.


    Gabriele Sutera (IT):


    Agriculturalist with a strong interest in participatory rural initiatives, community and project developer, Gabri has practical research experience from Cameroon to Malaysia, from the sea to the mountains. He goes beyond actions on the ground to nourishing youth activism, working towards reviving heritage models through cultural exchanges. Gabri’s vision in the power of personal and collective development guides the spirit of Hawila project and its strength in pluridisciplinary activities.


    Rasmus Gonnsen (GR,DE): 


    Architectural and civil engineer, Rasmus has recently completed his masters with a focus on energy management in sustainable and bioclimatic houses. Inspired by knowledge exchange  festivals and projects, he believes in the potential of open source environments and knowledge sharing, to bring us closer to nature and each other. Rasmus aims to experiment further in movable energy systems and alternative living models.

    Alina Constantin (BE,RO) :


    Community organizer and illustrator, filmmaker and game designer, Alina has practical experience in crowdfunding, team management to as far as strawbale building. She’s the creator behind an awarded animated environmental storyworld for films, games and performances called Shrug Island. Having spent her life across continents in communities of art and nature activism, she aspires to bridge these qualities from local to global, co-creating passionate playgrounds that drive action. Alina believes in art as a way of living, to connect and engage the imaginations of tomorrow’s visionaries.


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