Terms & Conditions for Hawila sailing membership

    1. Booking the Cruise
    The journey is thus booked by Hawila Project for the participant filling-in the membership form. The person submitting the form on behalf of the participant vouches for their own as well as for the other participants of the participant’s observation of all conditions and obligations. The contract is valid from the date the membership fees are transferred to Hawila Project account.

    2. Contribution
    The payment of sailing membership fees is due within 7 days after confirmation of the membership by Hawila Project (within 10 days after submitting the application). If the agreed instalment is not made within the stipulated period, Hawila Project shall have the right to annul the contract.
    The contribution for the journey is calculated to cover the costs for the material maintenance and the operation of the ship for the purpose of promoting a healthier maritime transport of goods, and informing about the issues surrounding globalisation.

    3. Benefits
    The scale of the contractual benefits arises exclusively from the contract. Subsidiary agreements require a written form.

    4. Cancellation by the participant
    The participant may cancel the contract at any time before departure. The cancellation date corresponds with the receipt by the Project of the written request for cancellation.
    In case of annulment of the booked journey by the participant the following percentages of the agreed fee are due:
    Up to 3 months prior to the beginning of the journey: 0 per cent
    Between 3 and 1 months: 50 per cent
    Less than 1 month prior to the beginning of the journey: 100 per cent

    5. Cancellation by the Project
    There shall be no liability for the cancellation of the journey or a part of the journey due to force majeure (e.g. damage on the ship, sudden disease of the skipper). The Project will try to arrange a journey or a part of the journey on another equally matched ship. If this is not possible, the participant shall be completely or proportionally refunded.
    Any other claims of the participant shall be excluded.

    6. Change of Route
    The Project and the chosen skipper reserve the right to change ports as well as times of departure and arrival, especially if the ship cannot leave the harbour due to extreme weather conditions.
    There is no compensation for any costs resulting from such conditions.

    7. Special Conditions on Board
    After boarding, each participant becomes a member of the crew and accepts the generally acknowledged rules and regulations of international maritime law and the ship’s command as well as the customs’ and police regulations in the respective harbours. The participants do not conclude a transport contract with the Project, but take part in a sports event.
    In case of deliberate and or persistent infringements of the security and order on board, as well as ignoring the skipper’s rules and regulations, the participant can be excluded from continuing the cruise at the next harbour. In this case, there is no compensation or payment of travel costs.

    8. Liability
    The skipper and the Project shall not be held responsible for the loss of personal goods, for neither the life nor the health of the participants. It is explicitly indicated that by signing this contract, all participants are covered by P & I (Protection & Indemnity) liability insurance when on board the vessel Hawila. In case of accident, the self-risk value has to be covered by the participant. Details about Hawila’s P & I insurance can be obtained from Hawila’s skipper.
    We recommend the participants take out the following insurance cover: baggage insurance, health insurance, additional accident insurance and insurance in case of revocation. A normal health insurance does not include return transport to the participants’ hometown.
    In case of participant accompanied by children under the age of 18 years, the obligatory supervision of the children rests solely with the designated accompanying person.

    9. Membership in the Project
    For the journey on the ship, every participant becomes sustaining member of Hawila Project. The fee for the journey includes the contribution for a sustaining membership until December 31st of the current year.
    The sustaining membership ends on this date as far as no additional membership fee is paid.

    10. General Information
    Should one of the terms of these conditions be or become void then all other terms stay binding and the signed contract remains valid.

    The court of jurisdiction is located in Copenhagen/Denmark.

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