Sail along – summer 2020

    Summer sailing plans of Hawila changed due to the COVID-19 restrictions. Join us for the sailing project in August and possibly in July!

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    This year Hawila initially planned to sail in the Northeastern Baltic area from Denmark through Sweden, Finland, Lithuania, Poland and Germany. Due to the uncertainties related to the COVID-19 situation we needed to change out plans.

    We took a decision to postpone summer sailing until August 2020 for now. At the moment we plan to begin with the Ship of Opportunity artist residency project on the 5th of August and continue sailing until the 28th. In case Kulturhavn festival will take place in Copenhagen at the end of the month, we will participate sharing our experiences gathered along the slow-paced wind-powered journey. We open several places for passengers who are not artists or researchers but would like to join the artist residencies program being interested in co-creating this experience with us!

    We do hope that the sailing can happen although it will depend on the current situation in accord with legal and health authorities’ requirements, taking into consideration safety of the people on board as well as ethical dilemmas which we are facing. Therefore, the route of the August sailing remains undefined. We are ready and glad to adjust it depending on the winds and the circumstances of all sort.

    Although still unsure, If the situation allows, we will be sailing also in July in the Danish waters gathering on board possible amount of people.

    If you would like to stay updated and join the sailing in August or possibly in July, you are still very welcome to contact us through

    Summer 2020 route

    Our route initially included several destinations in the Baltic Sea. At the moment we cannot be sure where will it be possible for us to head. We welcome the situation COVID-19 created as an opportunity to take a step back from our usual rhythm, open up to uncertainties, allow the winds and circumstances to lead us.

    Therefore we established the sailing dates this year between 5th and 28th of August departing from Copenhagen and coming back to the same port. The route and destination remains unknown.

    About the sailing on Hawila

    You will be a part of a sailing watch and get not only theoretical lessons but also hands-on experience with setting up the sails, operating the helm and navigating using traditional techniques. We will be crossing the open sea along Nordic countries’ coasts when during the summer sun rarely disappears behind the horizon.

    The fee contribution will cover:

    • Full board on Hawila (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and linen)
    • Compulsory membership to Hawila Project for the year 2020
    • Payment of harbour fees, canals and bridges
    • Fuel to maneuver the vessel and the dinghy
    • Daily sailing workshops
    • Personal British P&I insurance

    The daily fee contribution will NOT cover:

    • Alcoholic beverages & snacks
    • Sailing waterproof clothes
    • Personal material insurance

    To assure you an unforgettable trip and stay true to our values of sustainability and traditional sailing techniques, we will do our best to minimize the use of the engine and experience sailing and the wind at its best. Our will is to engage our passengers as much as possible in the sailing manœuvres and night watches. We believe it is the best way to involve you in the life at sea and its rhythm.

    During the sailing, you will take part in workshops where theoretical knowledge about sailing techniques will be taught by our experienced crew members. You will get plenty of chances to put your knowledge into practice, will be taught how to steer the vessel, and how to handle the sails and lines. The permanent crew will be supporting you and will guide you into the different tasks. After embarking you will gain confidence and understanding of the ship and on how to handle her.

    Everyone will get a chance to be involved in the manoeuvers, but there are also other aspects of sailor’s life you can get into. You can join the work in the galley and share cooking tasks with the cook as the crew needs to have a good diet to keep up the hard work at sea.

    Food onboard

    We will provide you three home cooked, delicious meals. Our goal is to obtain ingredients from local, organic farms. Hawila stands for high quality, nutritious food made with love, this summer it will be no different. All food served will be vegetarian including a vegan selection, but we reserve the choice to include separately fish and meat that we might source ethically and locally along the route. If you have any food allergies or diets, please inform us while making your reservation. In some cases we can also provide lactose-free or gluten-free meals on demand.

    Accommodation onboard

    You will be hosted in one of Hawila’s traditional bunk bed. Each bed measures between 185 and 190 cm long with varying width, and has a curtain ensuring privacy. Next to the bed is a large storage box to store your bags and personal item, as well as two clothes hangers. In addition you will have access to the ship’s bathroom, two ship toilets as well as free unlimited wifi when close to Scandinavian shore. In total there are 34 beds on Hawila, and we usually sail with a total of 20 to 30 people onboard, so there will be some extra beds if you feel like switching. The bunk bed will be located in the cozy central messroom of the vessel or the crew will assign you one of the few cabins. You will have access to all the parts of the ship besides the private crew space in the aft and the machinery.

    About Hawila

    Hawila is an 83-year-old two-masted Norwegian wooden ship of 32 meters long. Hawila was used most of her life for cargo, harvesting and transporting ice for the fishermans between Norway and Sweden. Later she was converted into a sail training vessel, sailing pupils from the school of Öckerö. The Swedish State Maritime museum gave Hawila the status of cultural-historical value vessel in 2002. After its long and adventurous story, the ship was left in disrepair in Copenhagen harbor. In 2014, Hawila was found by a group of friends and the vessel was donated to the newly created non-profit organization Hawila Project. After a large community-led refit Hawila it started to sail again in 2017. Now Hawila Project is stepping out further and connects with other Baltic communities to share goods and cultures, exchange and learn from each other.

    If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us at:

    We look forward to having you onboard Hawila!

    Click on the link below to see additional details and prices for each sailing legs and apply for a sailing membership:

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