Cultural event and Inauguration !


    Festival around Hawila: 16-21 of June

    We are happy to announce the inauguration of “Hawila project”!!!

    Based on voluntary work, workshops will be organised this summer to make the ship an exchange platform around wooden boat knowledge and sustainability. The restoration combines traditional techniques to maintain the wood, and modern techniques to experiment on energies to ensure maximum self-sufficiency. Among us, scientists, engineers and skilled craftsmen are involved in the project aiming to study and experiment on the vessel in terms of energy and sustainability with the current technologies. Sharing ideas, different perspective and knowledge are the main points of the association.

    Our association is totally open, everyone is welcome to come and give a hand, or just observe, and get to know us and the boat.

    What links the people of this group is friendship, trust, common interests and the common understanding that culture is not a commodity but rather a springboard and a mean for free expression.

    What is the cultural event? What will happen around Hawila?

    Trying to find ways to interact with the local Copenhagen’s society, we want to organize a multicultural event which will combine art, music, sports and international kitchen.

    The event will last for 5 days with a combination of daily workshops. In the evenings there we will be live music, capoeira show, barbecues, games, projections, and much more.


    • acroyoga20140621_DSC1767
    • bicycle reparation
    • wooden boat traditional restoration
    • photography
    • acrobatic for kids
    • dog behavior and training
    • dance
    • And much more…

    There will be artists, volunteer workers and audience on Hawila, and everybody will be encouraged to swap role and learn from each others. The idea will be that everyone will learn and present an artistic work, monitor the work of others and participate in the good operation of the event. There should be an exchange where teachers could become students and vice versa.

    We would like volunteers to support this event actively. We expect that people will share knowledge and interests and from there the event will be holistically formed.

    Everyone is welcome to take part in this project by providing any kind of help. The event will run with several shifts which will be organized at the beginning and during the festival: organize the dinner, clean the commonly used areas and prepare the next day.

    What is the purpose of this event?20140503_SAM0563

    The main purpose of the event is the interaction between the participating volunteers with the people from the project, the “Hawilians”. It is a cultural exchange where everyone will get an idea of self organization and self sufficiency, will learn many different topics around sustainability and take part in different activities. We want for everybody to meet and establish friendship with many interesting people from all over the world. And we hope that after the event you will feel as being part of the Hawila family or get to glimpse of her 85 years of history around Scandinavia!


    The schedule will be announced on here after having an active participation. Keep yourselves updated!

    The kitchen will be international and based on different themes (indian slow cooked food,Italian recipes from the old times, and many more!). The kitchen will be organized in a form of workshops so that the everyone can learn and get inspired by each other on all the cooking technics of the world!

    Our principles

    • Self-expression: Freedom to be just yourself and express it through art.
    • Learning through Participation: Get involved to learn.
    • Sustainability: Create energy and respect the environment.
    • Co-operation: Learn from each other.
    • Community: The “Hawilians” and all participants in the project.

    Participate on the event!


    Do you have any particular skill that could be taught to others? See the form below.

    Would you like to volunteer in general?
    Or do you have any idea that could bring our idea further?
    Sent us an email explaining how could you help out.

    Everyone is welcomed to help or just meet us on board!



    • This event is done by volunteers and your donation can bring our dream to reality.
    • We are a non-profit organization and hence need constant money support to conduct our projects and keep the ship floating!

    If you like it you can come and give us a hand, or support us with donation using the buttons on the membership/support section at our website.


    This event is held in co-operation with Michael Pedersen from Tårnby Forenings Råd, who helped us to lay down its structure and who believed in the project from the very beginning.


    For people willing to organize workshops, please fill-in the form below: