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After a long radio silence, we are thrilled to share updates with you on the refitting of Hawila, the advance of the project and the opportunity to sail together!

We’ve been busy onboard and the project has made huge advances the last year with few words from us. In addition to the never ceasing work on the vessel we have developed several collaborative projects allowing us to thrive locally and in Europe. Our vision has been refined, the core team consolidated and structuration of a cooperative initiated.

In a month, the vessel will be seaworthy to set sail towards the North Sea and the western Norwegian fjords. Join the voyage! Later, after a winter on the dry dock, Hawila will be ready to sail commercially across Europe with a cargo hold of 40 tons.

We need your support to make this happen! We are now at the shipyard in Gilleleje, and every penny counts to make Hawila seaworthy. Please donate for the refit! Besides, Hawila is in the process of creating a cooperative structure and will eventually invite new members from this summer. If you believe Hawila can make a change as a sailing cargo vessel and cultural and educative platform consider joining our internal mailing list to receive more info.You can also support us by sailing along this summer on one of the leg and enjoy the beauty of the Norwegian fjords.

We hope you are all doing great in your projects and wish to see you at sea this summer,

Fair winds!
Samuel, Gabriele and Robert

Hawila will set sail soon!

Donate now to support the last part of the refit
 We are writing to you from the deck of Hawila, hoisted up on the Gillelje slipway, where she arrived 10 days ago. We have gathered a large group of 20 skilled volunteers from our network and the artisanal carpenters from the CopeauxCabana collective to refit the vessel. Lots has been done the last years and this is the last step before setting sail for the entire summer. We made new booms and gaffs and serviced standing rigging, oiled and fixed the blocks, planked some of the hull, re-caulked nearly the entire hull, replaced a third of the deck and changed some of the deck beams, remade port side of the deck galley cabin, new bow fences, rebuilt entirely the main engine and onboard generator, rewired most of the electric system and, thanks to support of Victron Energy, upgraded the battery bank, upgraded our instruments, rearranged the space inside with new cabins and so much more! The ship will be put back at sea in a few days to finish the work above the water line and give it a final paint touch. After that, Hawila will be rigged with her original sails for test sailing and to take the sea towards Norway. On the way we will stop at the Risør trebåt festival form 3 to 5th of August and visit the yard where Hawila was built in 1935. 
We needs your support more than ever to make Hawila’s maiden voyage along the coast of Sweden, Norway, UK and France this summer, marking the initiation of our project before the final conversion as commercial cargo.

Would you consider donating any amount of money, big or small, to kick off the projects around Hawila?


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We thank you in advance for all your donation for Hawila’s refit!
Gabri, Rob and Samuel


Hawila: an educative and awareness platform

 Hawila is not only about trading, it is also about critical thinking, re-shaping and re-imagining the way we consume, the way we relate to people and our planet. With the aim of inviting people to reflect upon those issues on Hawila, we have designed an interactive workshop, which aspires at opening a window into global trade and its environmental and social effects. During the workshop, facts and events of past and present maritime transport are transposed into a large interactive world map. Combining the different facets of the game, the participants are able to imagine and design their own journey with tactile and digital elements. This journey retraces the story of an historic sailing ship and a contemporary container vessel.
The game welcomes audiences through play to an original and critical aesthetic space, to reflect the influences of maritime heritage and contemporary practices within a global environment. This activity was created within Tandem Europe, an initiative developed by European Cultural Foundation (Amsterdam) and MitOst e.V. (Berlin) together with Fondazione Cariplo (Milan), financially supported by Robert Bosch Stiftung (Stuttgart) and Stavros Niarchos Foundation (Athens). It was designed and created collaboratively between artists of Welsh organization Head4Arts, and the Hawila. It was tested successfully in early stages in Denmark, South Wales and Greece with youth groups of age from 8 to 14. In Denmark the activity was enabled and hosted by the National Danish Maritime Museum.

If you are interested in knowing more about the activity and would like to share it in your harbour, school or city please get in touch with us!
If you are interested in reading more about our workshop have a look at this blog post.

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Internal developments
 The project with Hawila has undergone internal restructuration over the past months, and the future brings new exciting developments. The vision and our core team was refined: Samuel Faucherre, Gabriel Sutera, and Robert Weir are now responsible for directing the momentum of the project to ensure its continuity.
We are now in the process of forming a Cooperative which will own the ship outright. United under this Cooperative will come the three important aspects of our project – Trade, Culture and Education.  The Cooperative will be run by members actively working for the project. This structure gives a dynamic allowing member participation by votes on the direction of the project. Additionally, the Cooperative will allow the project to gain shareholder support from those not wanting to work directly with the project, but willing to contribute. These shareholders will be entitled to a vote and a voice in the cooperative, and will receive a return on their investment.

If you are interested in joining the future Cooperative, becoming a member or shareholder, please join our internal mailing list and we will forward you the business booklet when ready:


Join Hawila’s maiden voyage!

After five years Hawila will set sail again for an exeptional sailing voyage. Become a member of Hawila and support us with a daily fee to sail by contributing her through the stunning Norwegian fjords, the wild Northern seas, through the Caledonian canal, the legendary Scottish lakes, the Irish sea and more! Have a look at our planned sailing schedule and get in touch with us for more details (email booking@hawilaproject.org with leg code in subject). You will experience a real sailing voyage, hoisting and trimming the sails, sharing time with the captain and the crew, helping the cook and stopping in unique places linked to sailing culture. Most importantly, you will support Hawila to sail for the coming years!

Leg Code Departure Date From To Arrival Date Days at sea/harbour Nautical miles
N1 07/08/17 Risør Stavanger 13/08/17 6 200
N2 13/08/17 Stavanger Norheimsund 18/08/17 5 110
N3 18/08/17 Norheimsund Bergen 21/08/17 3 80
N4 21/08/17 Bergen Bergen (via Sognefjorden) 29/08/17 8 270
NALL 07/08/17 Entire Norwegian voyage 29/08/17 22 660
UK1 29/08/17 Bergen Inverness 06/09/17 8 360
UK2 06/09/17 Inverness Oban 12/09/17 6 90
UK3 12/09/17 Oban Dublin 18/09/17 6 215
UK4 18/09/17 Dublin Swansea 24/09/17 6 180
UK5 24/09/17 Swansea Penzance 28/09/17 5 145
UKALL 29/08/17 Entire Norway, UK and Irish sea 28/09/17 31 990
RDTRIP 07/08/17 Round trip 28/09/17 53 1650 

NOTE: This is an expected schedule, the dates of arrival and departure might be adjusted according weather conditions or other unforeseen events as well as members participation.


Tribute to a work season – 2016

After a restoration season of over 3 months of growth and serendipity, much has moved ahead under Hawila’s two masts!

Thanks goes to the power of determination, the positivity of learning from skilled carpenters and random encounters, and the enthusiasm of a volunteer crew working together throughout months.



Degradation processes are now under control, the state of the ship is preserved in the most important places, deck, galley, mizzen boom, bowsprit and topmasts. Aft and forward are sanded, caulked, oiled and renewed, important beams and planks from main deck replaced and restored. The port side wall of the galley was replaced and insulation optimized. One of its panels has become an ongoing experiment; testing the use of plexiglas and a ventilation chamber, as a potential solution to condensation.

Bow fences were replaced and decorated with nordic inspired carvings. Accurate measured drawings, (made for the ship by a cross-continental cycling architect) have already helped us during an initial survey towards regulating Hawila for future shipping activities! Ben and Leo, shipwright and sailor, our skilled volunteers invited for the season, pushed forward an incredible amount of positive changes.



As is the nature of this ship, many things are larger than imagined and plans are only a safety line in changing seas. Unexpected surprises balanced out the unforeseen issues and we move forward stronger for it.

img_7757  tm1

We were happy, to be able to challenge ourselves and do things we’d never done before. To learn from knowledgeable craftsmen how to work skilled tasks and see woodwork in different styles from, allowed us all to get much more comfortable with wood ourselves. It was powerful to develop friendships and synergies with other projects that connect with what Hawila stands for, both in terms of restoration communities and social initiatives. Alongside the work, we kept Hawila’s space open to the public. With the support of Juan Pino, Mambe, Rebecka Maria, Ashti Abdo and the entire crew, Hawila’s space was transformed into a magic venue a handful of times. So we also had moments throughout the months to restore energies for the intense work, taking the occasion to update outside communities about the advancement of the project.

Winter will be the time for preparing and scheduling of activities for the coming year. To meet our goal of sailing within next summer, an intense timeplan is on the way. Works will start again in the beginning of spring 2017, so get in touch with us if you’d like to collaborate in the next restoration season!

Special heartfelt thanks to those who contributed to our work and  crew this summer and fall:

Leonardo Panizza, apprentice boat builder, Benjamin Cremades, traditional boat builder,  Etienne Mignon Le Vaillant, sailor and carpentry apprentice, Ales Milos Cerny, electrician and plumber, Robert George Weir, cook, Serena Abbondanza, deck hand and architectural drawings, Anoop Shekar architect and cook,  Yogan carpenter, Danni Masso, deck hand, Marielle Weber, deck hand, Lisa Geldys deck hand and assistant cook, Anton Corbal, deck hand, video maker, Cesar, deck hand, video maker, Mariana Bolano, deck hand, photographer, Alexandros Perellis, caulker, and all the amazing folks who dropped by to give us a hand!

May the darker times be good to you all, stay with us, we’ll keep you posted ! 


Don’t miss our second Hawila Self-Organized Festival!


In Kastrup Havn from the 13th-19th of June 2016, the historical sailing ship Hawila opens her deck to a new self-organized festival !
To all ye lovers of sea and sailing culture, emerging art, environmental awareness and community living, welcome!
By day, skills and knowledge sharing, in evenings a stage for artists and performers.
Access to the event is free, donation based, for all ages and sizes.

Our vision: a multidisciplinary platform in a most unusual place, a temporary experiment to support skillful practices, cultural integration, live arts and entertainment to the themes of: SAILING ENERGIES AND SUSTAINED ABILITIES.

PRICE: DONATIONS. Important! Though everything is of openly accessible, registration is needed to participate in some workshops, as they fill up fast. Check the detailed schedule for extensive information on an incredible week of inner/ outer nature, research and enjoyment; from sailing workshops to experimental performances and live concerts.

Find the ones you like, and reserve a spot through the following form : http://www.hawilaproject.org/registration-participants/ Feel free also  join our facebook event.

Bring your friends and lovers, your grandparents and children, your pirate parrots and flying dogs, see you there!

Sailing City on Hawila!

Throughout the summer of 2016 Hawila Project collaborates with professional artists of Copenhagen Dream House and abroad:


This year, “Hawila” is the vessel for nomadic performance project “Sailing City”, where acrobats, dancers, musicians and installation artists create events in collaboration with climate scientists, activists and engineers. A series of public events for all ages on the water and in harbor areas, the ship being a platform for exploring artistic dialogues around meaningful topics. The aim: finding new ways to communicate about the state of the planet and our own states of being. We seek a greater understanding of our part as residents in a global community, where actions in one place affect the climate of another.

“Sailing City” crew has roots in all continents (from New Delhi and Bangalore to Sidney, from Rome, Berlin, Bornholm to Ouagadougou, Quito, Qaqortoq and California) The project explores themes of climate change, lifestyles, and environmental justice through an artistic lens.

Read more about this exciting project, full description, calendar and artists here!

Next up in SAILING CITY calendar : (The event loop, duration around 50 min, starts at the announced times)

June 17th and 24th and 25th at 9 pm + 10 pm
Additional Skt. Hans celebration is included on the 24th


Additional information on Sailing City’s Copenhagen Dreamhouse page.

“Sailing City” is a project supported by the Danish Ministry of Culture.
photos and video courtesy of Anton Corbal, Karina Tengberg, Alina Constantin

Premiere projection of Hawila Project – 2015 documentary


Ahoy pirates!
“Summer with Hawila – Ship of Dreams”, the long waited documentary about Hawila Project and it’s evolution since the summer of 2015, will be displayed for the first time this Saturday at 14:00 at Plyssen, on Amager Strandvej 350, 2 minutes from Hawila! The film is made by documentary filmaker John Kofod Christensen and will last 55 minutes.
Hope to see many of you, it’s FREE for everyone and we will bring coffee, tea and pastries from Hawila!

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1667662453445472/

Hawila Shipyard Assessment in Gilleleje!

HAWILA OFF TO THE SHIPYARD – A critical high cost adventure with great news

DSCN5765After a summer like we’d never known, one of collective work, cultural experiments and fervent restoration, Hawila Project set off to its first critical adventure in the middle of September.

For the first time in years and our organisation’s history, Hawila tests the open ocean on the way to Gilleleje shipyard in Northern Sjælland, to assess the state of the hull, evaluate the work ahead and define if, how and when our 80 year old vessel can take to larger seas.

IMG_8123  IMG_8164 IMG_8169

We leave the harbour with a safe escort, using our renovated Volvo Penta diesel engine and all pumps running, hoping to all the skies that summer’s attentions and our old hull can take. The weather is with us! After a surprisingly calm trip trimming the coasts for half a day, we round into the old danish harbour of Gilleleje, reknowned for the quality of its wooden ship repairs, and wait nervously over the weekend for the morning where Hawila will be raised out of the water and her hull will finally reveal its mysterys

As the sun rises on Monday the 21st of September, Hawila slides onto the rail ramp of the slipway where she’s lifted up and stays for the next 10 days. What follows is also quite beyond our expectations.
  G1_09 gw04G1_15

After being pulled up the slipway, we’ve started work on the impressive expanse of Hawila’s hull in Gilleleje Shipyard.
An emotional occasion. First steps of cleaning under water pressure and initial checks were accomplished cleaning and scraping off layers and years of sealife. She’s in much better shape than we expected, no planks under the water line need replacing, which would have been huge and costly work, and is amazing news!

Hundreds of nails to change to screws however, huge amounts of caulking ahead and much much more. We settle into an estimated 2 weeks of intense assessment work at high costs, the only way forward.


In the middle of the week, we received a visit from Lennart Martinson and George Appelkvist, an earlier generation of Hawila caretakers, come all the way from Sweden to see the ship  and the crew at work!
They were the ones to start restoring Hawila in 1978  from ice cargo ship in disrepair to flamboyant swedish sailing school with MBV. They watched over her for decades helped by a handful of other crazy friends until 2008. So history repeats…
They shared many interesting facts about our Lady, good stories for the winter, and were amazed at our work and the great shape of the wood after all these years. According to them, Hawila is extremely strong and does not need any rework on her internal structure.

At the conclusion of the first week:

We’ve been 8 people working from 7am to 8pm on hawila’s hull under the waterline, caulked more than 500m of line, changed more than 400 old nails to rust-free screws. Put concrete to close the screw holes, polished the brass propeller from all traces of sea fauna. Closed some lines with pitch, small wooden fixes…
All this, under the hired supervision of professional danish boatbuilders of Gilleleje. The week revealed the very good condition of Hawila: She has the potential to sail again already next spring, for short trips in Copenhagen bay!

This is much more than we ever expected, and so somewhat, is the cost as assement turned to deeper restoration sprint. This time we pay dearly to learn the professional way of getting it done, and looking forward to share our knowledge in the times ahead, and take you sailing!


If you also believe in keeping Hawila an open collective space, a tribute to new lives for old traditions and a demonstration platform for energy and culture alternatives, please join us in supporting her future. We’re young, enthusiastic, and yet very aware of the giant that we carry. But we are many, and there are many ways you can help us, beyond very appreciated financial support.


gw01    propeller

Today the first of October 2015, after finishing caulking on the vertical seams under the waterline, refitting a new false keel and hundreds of other small tasks done by the love and sweat of hands… the hull was once more covered by shipyard workers, with a thick layer of antifungus paint.

Tomorrow in the early morning, she will be slid back into the water again, and prepare for a trip home to Kastrup Harbour. What awaits is the next story…Stay with us!


80 years of Hawila – a folkloristik revival


Poster V3j

Facebook event

Once again Hawila eco-living sailing ship is the stage for local and international artists who celebrate with us the history and the new beginnings of glorious Hawila! This event is part of a cycle of summer activities started in June by the self-organised Opening Festival for the Hawila Project non-profit association; to promote, share and raise awareness about new ways of social co-existence.


15:00 – 18:00 Ongoing Dance and Workshops:
Folk Dance Group Dilmana Copenhagen (Bulgarian folk dance), YOGA NAT (@Yoga Nat), Acroyoga and contemporary dance with Hawila artists…

16:00 Niels & Friends (Danish sailor folk and accordion)

17:30 Kalles Najar (Greek Rumanian grooves)

19:00 Esben Amdisen (Rock music in sea minor)

20:00 Eh Bau (Poetic folk pop)

21:30 Pilgrim (Portuguese duo of blues and folk)

21-22 Shrug Worlds (animated film and game projection to live music) Screening and beta-testing below deck.



Yoga with Natalya; a pinch of salt to enrich the quality of your life. Move with Yoga Nat to explore and eliminated energy blockages and physical discomforts in your body. Awaken your inner light through guided yoga nidra meditation, energy flow and positive attitude!

Pair Acrobatics and Humanimal Dance Dialogues (Despina Tzemi and Sofia Kakouri) Our artists in residence will share and demonstrate playful practice and development tools to research our contact with eachother through body work, trust, instinct and grounding. Read more about their work in past Hawila events.

SHRUG ISLAND (animated game screening to live music) Shrug Island is a 2d animated computer game and environmental fantasy. Come watch or beta-test the game below deck, projected on a screen with the accompaniment of live improvisation by classical musicians.

All artists, performer, dancers, caterers and organizers volunteer their time and skills to the support of Hawila Project.

FOOD AND DRINKS: sold on site to support Hawila Project
HOW TO COME: www.hawilaproject.org/contact/

A night of Circus and Blues on Friday, July the 10th.

Come on board the wooden galeas Hawila and enjoy a night filled with circus, blues, food, drinks and a lot of smiles.


Cie Tanter, Vixen

19:00 Cie Tanter, Vixen

Women, sex and circus. Absurd, amok and amazing. TANTER throw themselves into female stereotypes. Building up and tearing apart. Beefed-up, fanatical females in vertical rope, slack rope and trapeze.

Visit the website of Cie Tanter here.


21:30 Becks Blå (Becks blue)

4 musicians with a groovy, melodic and blue concert which blends into the summer night.

Listen to Becks Blå on Soundcloud and visit their Facebook page here.


22:30 Friends of Flemming (party blues)

5 musicians playing beloved blues covers to get you into the party mode:

Listen to Friends of Flemming on Soundcloud.


PRICE: donation hat to support the artists and the Hawila Project.

Also, you can check out our Facebook event here!

Hawila workshop calendar for July

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 19.06.54

Hello everyone!!

After the recovery of our participation on the festival workshops we want to keep our energy rolling! The weather is with us so we continue to train,dance and play! Check out our weekly workshops and join us on board! All the workshops are with suggested donation based according to each performer 🙂

After the workshops there will be served food also on donation and this can be your contribution to the restoration and the maintenance of the beautiful Hawila!

We hope to see all of you around!