Ship Shape – Creative Learning


We’d like to invite you to be a part of our upcoming co-design workshop, elaborating the prototype of a creative learning experience.

Hawila Project in collaboration with Welsh based organisation Head4Arts are developing “ShipShape”: an activity designed to give young people and their parents/teachers a new perspective to relate to the use of resources, the way we move them and the effect these have in our surrounding environments.

Much of the learning of young people happens in a classroom. The ShipShape project aims at developing a scaleable, free, site-specific activity where young people are confronted with stimulative learning spaces. We’ll de-construct the elements of which sailing and other ships are made, using this as a starting point to map resources, imagine playful practices to re-assemble them, and connect to knowledge differently.

Two occasions next week are open to join us in this experimental co-design workshop on board the two mast Hawila:

– Wednesday 4th May from 4pm to 6pm

– Friday 6th May from 2pm to 4pm 

In case of too short notice but you’d be interested in the future in hearing more about this, please get in touch with us. Hope to see you onboard!

This project is developed with the support of Tandem Europe – an initiative develope by European Cultural Foundation, MitOst e.V. and Fondazione Cariplo. The Tandem program is finacially supported by Robert Bosch Stiftung and Stavros Niarchos Foundation. 



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