Don’t miss our second Hawila Self-Organized Festival!


In Kastrup Havn from the 13th-19th of June 2016, the historical sailing ship Hawila opens her deck to a new self-organized festival !
To all ye lovers of sea and sailing culture, emerging art, environmental awareness and community living, welcome!
By day, skills and knowledge sharing, in evenings a stage for artists and performers.
Access to the event is free, donation based, for all ages and sizes.

Our vision: a multidisciplinary platform in a most unusual place, a temporary experiment to support skillful practices, cultural integration, live arts and entertainment to the themes of: SAILING ENERGIES AND SUSTAINED ABILITIES.

PRICE: DONATIONS. Important! Though everything is of openly accessible, registration is needed to participate in some workshops, as they fill up fast. Check the detailed schedule for extensive information on an incredible week of inner/ outer nature, research and enjoyment; from sailing workshops to experimental performances and live concerts.

Find the ones you like, and reserve a spot through the following form : Feel free also  join our facebook event.

Bring your friends and lovers, your grandparents and children, your pirate parrots and flying dogs, see you there!

Sailing City on Hawila!

Throughout the summer of 2016 Hawila Project collaborates with professional artists of Copenhagen Dream House and abroad:


This year, “Hawila” is the vessel for nomadic performance project “Sailing City”, where acrobats, dancers, musicians and installation artists create events in collaboration with climate scientists, activists and engineers. A series of public events for all ages on the water and in harbor areas, the ship being a platform for exploring artistic dialogues around meaningful topics. The aim: finding new ways to communicate about the state of the planet and our own states of being. We seek a greater understanding of our part as residents in a global community, where actions in one place affect the climate of another.

“Sailing City” crew has roots in all continents (from New Delhi and Bangalore to Sidney, from Rome, Berlin, Bornholm to Ouagadougou, Quito, Qaqortoq and California) The project explores themes of climate change, lifestyles, and environmental justice through an artistic lens.

Read more about this exciting project, full description, calendar and artists here!

Next up in SAILING CITY calendar : (The event loop, duration around 50 min, starts at the announced times)

June 17th and 24th and 25th at 9 pm + 10 pm
Additional Skt. Hans celebration is included on the 24th


Additional information on Sailing City’s Copenhagen Dreamhouse page.

“Sailing City” is a project supported by the Danish Ministry of Culture.
photos and video courtesy of Anton Corbal, Karina Tengberg, Alina Constantin

Premiere projection of Hawila Project – 2015 documentary


Ahoy pirates!
“Summer with Hawila – Ship of Dreams”, the long waited documentary about Hawila Project and it’s evolution since the summer of 2015, will be displayed for the first time this Saturday at 14:00 at Plyssen, on Amager Strandvej 350, 2 minutes from Hawila! The film is made by documentary filmaker John Kofod Christensen and will last 55 minutes.
Hope to see many of you, it’s FREE for everyone and we will bring coffee, tea and pastries from Hawila!

Facebook event:

Hawila Shipyard Assessment in Gilleleje!

HAWILA OFF TO THE SHIPYARD – A critical high cost adventure with great news

DSCN5765After a summer like we’d never known, one of collective work, cultural experiments and fervent restoration, Hawila Project set off to its first critical adventure in the middle of September.

For the first time in years and our organisation’s history, Hawila tests the open ocean on the way to Gilleleje shipyard in Northern Sjælland, to assess the state of the hull, evaluate the work ahead and define if, how and when our 80 year old vessel can take to larger seas.

IMG_8123  IMG_8164 IMG_8169

We leave the harbour with a safe escort, using our renovated Volvo Penta diesel engine and all pumps running, hoping to all the skies that summer’s attentions and our old hull can take. The weather is with us! After a surprisingly calm trip trimming the coasts for half a day, we round into the old danish harbour of Gilleleje, reknowned for the quality of its wooden ship repairs, and wait nervously over the weekend for the morning where Hawila will be raised out of the water and her hull will finally reveal its mysterys

As the sun rises on Monday the 21st of September, Hawila slides onto the rail ramp of the slipway where she’s lifted up and stays for the next 10 days. What follows is also quite beyond our expectations.
  G1_09 gw04G1_15

After being pulled up the slipway, we’ve started work on the impressive expanse of Hawila’s hull in Gilleleje Shipyard.
An emotional occasion. First steps of cleaning under water pressure and initial checks were accomplished cleaning and scraping off layers and years of sealife. She’s in much better shape than we expected, no planks under the water line need replacing, which would have been huge and costly work, and is amazing news!

Hundreds of nails to change to screws however, huge amounts of caulking ahead and much much more. We settle into an estimated 2 weeks of intense assessment work at high costs, the only way forward.


In the middle of the week, we received a visit from Lennart Martinson and George Appelkvist, an earlier generation of Hawila caretakers, come all the way from Sweden to see the ship  and the crew at work!
They were the ones to start restoring Hawila in 1978  from ice cargo ship in disrepair to flamboyant swedish sailing school with MBV. They watched over her for decades helped by a handful of other crazy friends until 2008. So history repeats…
They shared many interesting facts about our Lady, good stories for the winter, and were amazed at our work and the great shape of the wood after all these years. According to them, Hawila is extremely strong and does not need any rework on her internal structure.

At the conclusion of the first week:

We’ve been 8 people working from 7am to 8pm on hawila’s hull under the waterline, caulked more than 500m of line, changed more than 400 old nails to rust-free screws. Put concrete to close the screw holes, polished the brass propeller from all traces of sea fauna. Closed some lines with pitch, small wooden fixes…
All this, under the hired supervision of professional danish boatbuilders of Gilleleje. The week revealed the very good condition of Hawila: She has the potential to sail again already next spring, for short trips in Copenhagen bay!

This is much more than we ever expected, and so somewhat, is the cost as assement turned to deeper restoration sprint. This time we pay dearly to learn the professional way of getting it done, and looking forward to share our knowledge in the times ahead, and take you sailing!


If you also believe in keeping Hawila an open collective space, a tribute to new lives for old traditions and a demonstration platform for energy and culture alternatives, please join us in supporting her future. We’re young, enthusiastic, and yet very aware of the giant that we carry. But we are many, and there are many ways you can help us, beyond very appreciated financial support.

gw01    propeller

Today the first of October 2015, after finishing caulking on the vertical seams under the waterline, refitting a new false keel and hundreds of other small tasks done by the love and sweat of hands… the hull was once more covered by shipyard workers, with a thick layer of antifungus paint.

Tomorrow in the early morning, she will be slid back into the water again, and prepare for a trip home to Kastrup Harbour. What awaits is the next story…Stay with us!